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Statistics on modern & ancestral genomes

Genomicus 03.01 contains 512644 genes from 21 extant species. This data was analysed with a new method called AGORA (Algorithm for Gene Order Reconstruction in Ancestors; Muffato et al. in preparation) to identify 343324 ancestral genes from 20 ancestral species, grouped into 23304 blocks of collinear genes.

The following tables present statistics on the data used in Genomicus, and on the reconstructed blocks in the ancestral species.

  1. For extant species, a "contig" means a segment of the genome sequence assembly (chromosomes, scaffolds, contig) with at least two genes.
  2. The average block length, the N25, N50 and N75 values do not take into account the singletons (blocks of one gene).
Other eukaryotes Age Genes Contigs Average size
(nb genes)
N50 size
(nb genes)
Genes not
in contigs
Apla(extant sp.)1821349236.78115699.1%
Bbel(extant sp.)2546958243.017743398.3%
Blan(extant sp.)90926345525.0169468894.8%
Boleac(extant sp.)15839118813.12227098.3%
Boschl(extant sp.)46519143322.8320070100.0%
Cirobu(extant sp.)1641065124.368860096.3%
Cisavi(extant sp.)1161628540.61435999.5%
Cmil(extant sp.)1858884519.579209988.7%
Ggal(extant sp.)15508133111.552167695.6%
Haaura(extant sp.)1143618075.48170485.1%
Harore(extant sp.)1608394216.33470295.6%
Hsap(extant sp.)22072219100.59006899.7%
Lcha(extant sp.)1956925107.211146492.5%
Mmus(extant sp.)2216657388.7111110100.0%
Moocci(extant sp.)3063958944.66348588.6%
Mooccu(extant sp.)3964985843.95590185.1%
Moocul(extant sp.)1531329584.56195387.2%
Phfumi(extant sp.)1009019263.13411759.2%
Phmamm(extant sp.)1950823567.313219688.7%
Psin(extant sp.)18189146711.92372696.0%
Spur(extant sp.)2884228719.616133895.4%
Ancestors Age Genes Blocks Average size
(nb genes)
N50 size
(nb genes)
Genes not
in blocks
11_Molgula~10 My1690312172.321409216.6%
12_Stolidobranchia~10 My2360711522.322099911.0%
15_Ciona~10 My1310615283.64758942.1%
18_Phallusia~10 My1310018343.03753842.5%
19_Phlebobranchia~10 My1504015372.621101726.7%
20_Ascidiacea~10 My231209642.22209609.3%
24_Archelosauria~10 My1564276214.855436172.1%
27_Euarchontoglires~10 My1434219864.5195157689.0%
28_Amniota~10 My18682104710.640754459.6%
29_Sarcopterygii~10 My2131217445.7101131446.9%
2_Styelidae~10 My1650810592.421398415.3%
31_Gnathostomata~10 My2122017854.761286839.4%
32_Olfactores~10 My204256602.22189867.0%
35_Branchiostoma~10 My1527813296.59663156.6%
36_Chordata~10 My214619252.32193569.8%
39_Echinodermata~10 My1288810122.321057318.0%
40_Deuterostomia~10 My178667332.22162239.2%
5_Halocynthia~10 My1200316274.86423064.8%
6~10 My1812811832.421523416.0%
9~10 My1269310082.321034618.5%