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Genomicus is a genome browser that enables users to navigate in genomes in several dimensions: linearly along chromosome axes, transversaly across different species, and chronologicaly along evolutionary time.

Once a query gene has been entered, it is displayed in its genomic context in parallel to the genomic context of all its orthologous and paralogous copies in all the other sequenced metazoan genomes. Moreover, Genomicus stores and displays the predicted ancestral genome structure in all the ancestral species within the phylogenetic range of interest.

This instance of the browser is dedicated to the analysis of the rainbow trout (Oncorhynchus mykiss) genome. The genome was sequenced and annotated by Genoscope and analysed by a consortium of several groups. Trout belongs to salmonids, a group of fish whose common ancestor were subject to a whole genome duplication (WGD), after the WGD common to all teleost fish. The browser provides access to the comparative organisation of genes in 15 vertebrate species: 6 teleost fish genomes (including trout), coealacanth, chicken, and 7 mammals. All genomic data except for rainbow trout was extracted from the Ensembl database version 66 (february 2012).

Summary statistics of Genomicus version 01.01:

Number of extant species15
Number of extant genes339458
Number of ancestral species13
Number of ancestral genes277418
Number of ancestral synteny blocks14395

What's new in version 01.01 ?
Rainbow trout Welcome to the Rainbow Trout Genomicus Server.

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