Credit and how to cite

Genomicus was developped with support from the CNRS and the ENS, and the ANR through the GENOVERT project.

The initial implementation of the Genomicus browser was the work of Charles-Edouard Poisnel, a student in computer science at the ENSIIE in Evry, during his 2008 summer practical in the Dyogen Lab. Since then the browser has been improved and expanded upon by Matthieu Muffato, a PhD student in the Dyogen Lab.

A publication describing the browser is available online:

Muffato, M., Louis, A., Poisnel, C-E., Roest Crollius, H. (2010) Genomicus : a database and a browser to study gene synteny in modern and ancestral genomes.
Bioinformatics, doi:10.1093/bioinformatics/btq079

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